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account opening management:
1、floor representative management:futures trading personnel appointed by the member to enter the trading floor for trading shall go through procedures regarding the registration of floor representative at the exchange; member who desires to dismiss and replace a floor representative or the floor representative who desires to leave his or her original member shall timely go through procedures regarding the cancellation of floor representative at the exchange.
2、opening an account for standard warrant.member customer is required to open a standard warrant at the exchange before undergoing procedures regarding physical delivery at the exchange. meanwhile, the exchange is also responsible for day-to-day management of standard warrant.
3、recordkeeping for customers engaged in algorithmic trading.futures-firm’s customer engaged in algorithmic trading shall complete the recordkeeping procedures for algorithmic trading business at the exchange as per relevant rules.

seat management
member who is required to add or cancel remote seat for business reasons shall make a request to the exchange as per relevant rules, which will be handled by the trading department.
hedging management
business relating to application for and approval of hedging position refers to the process in which none-futures firm member or its customers submit, through the futures-firm member where-at it opened an account, the application for hedging position within the shfe electronic application and approval system for hedging position in accordance with the shfe rules governing hedging trade, while the exchange conducts the approval procedures regarding the hedging position based on the application materials provided by the member or its customer.

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