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detailed trading rules of shanghai futures exchange-凯发k8娱乐官网入口

to solve the problem of trading access obstruction, and to facilitate members’ participation in trading, this regulation is made in accordance with the detailed trading rules of shanghai futures exchange.


i. to apply for additional floor trading seats, the members need to meet the following requirements:


1. it is a futures brokerage company that has maintained the membership for more than six months.


2. it is in sound business situation without records of severe transgression of rules and regulations.


3. its transaction volume in the previous consecutive three months ranks top 50, or it has a relatively large number of futures trading orders on the exchange.


4. other requirements mandated by the exchange.


ii. members who apply for more seats shall fill in application form of increasing member seats in shanghai futures exchange, and submit files concerning the basic situation of futures brokerage business in the last year and the explanation for the application for more seats.


iii. after the exchange approves the members’ application for additional seats, members should sign a one-year agreement with the exchange. the exchange will charge members an annual fee of rmb20,000 for an additional seat.


iv. after signing the agreement, members should go through the entrance procedures within 10 business days. it is regarded as voluntary renunciation in case that the procedures are not performed within the due time.


v. in the event that members apply for the cease of using the increased seats before the expiration of the agreement, the agreement can be terminated with the approval of the exchange.


vi. if a member loses its qualification, all its seats will be withdrawn.


vii. the exchange can withdraw the members’ added seats unconditionally in any of the following situations:


1. the management is in chaos and severe transgression of rules and regulations occurs. or the facts evidently show that it is unqualified for added seats.


2. a member privately subcontracts, leases or transfers his seats.


viii. more seats only mean more transaction entrances, while the position limit, risk control and other regulations imposed by the exchange remain the same.


shanghai futures exchange

may 15, 2000