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to facilitate the major account reporting of futures company members and non-futures company members, the exchange has introduced an electronic platform system for major account reporting, which will realize not only paperless and electronic mode of issuing, submitting and receiving notices on major account reporting, but also the quick and convenient inquiry and use of relevant reports.
the submitting entities of major account reports can be categorized into three types: futures company members, non-futures company members and clients. members and clients that reach the reporting limit of the exchange should upload to the member service system their major account reporting forms and transaction statements.
time of submission: the members and clients whose positions reach the reporting limit of the exchange should upload relevant reports to the member service system before 3:00 p.m. of the next trading day.
format of submission: the filling in of the report and the importing of the transaction statement should be realized on the same web page. the scanned copies should be in pdf format. any copy in jpg format will be sent back for reloading.
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