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receipt of member’s vat account registration and change-凯发k8娱乐官网入口

member’s name:                       member’s number:           

name of company on vat invoice:

address of company on vat invoice:

(national tax) tax id number:

deposit bank and account number:



this tax id number is used from  mm/dd/yyyy.


member company’s contact with the clearing department:



member company: official seal





1. please attach a copy of adminicle of tax registration certificate and general taxpayer certificate when submitting this form.


2. please correctly and legibly fill out this form, and submit it to the clearing department of shanghai futures exchange in time, to ensure the proper issuing of special vat invoice.


address: 500 songlin road, pudong new district, shanghai

zip code: 200122

tel: 021-68400421, or 021-68400422