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shfe principles for financial market infrastructures(pfmi)information disclosure

shfe performed an assessment of its compliance with the 'principles for financial market infrastructures' (pfmi) published by the committee on payment and settlement systems of the bank for international settlements (cpss) and the technical committee of the international organization of securities commissions (iosco).

the assessment was conducted in accordance with the cpss-iosco 'assessment methodology and disclosure framework' published in december 2012. shfe’s approaches to observing each applicable principle in the pfmi are summarized in the following disclosure document:

shfe pfmi information disclosure 2022(cn)

as a ccp compliant with the cpss-iosco pfmi, shfe also publishes a comprehensive set of quantitative data. shfe’s disclosure of its quantitative data are summarized in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the 'public quantitative disclosure standards for central counterparties' published by cpmi-iosco in february 2015. data are contained in the following document (earlier disclosure documents are available here ):

shfe public quantitative disclosure 2023q2 (cn)

shanghai futures exchange

august 30, 2023

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