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become a market data vendor

i. qualifications
the company should have the business license issued by the industrial and commercial administration department, and the management scope specified in the license explicitly shall include the content of information management;
the company should have a good reputation and management ability in the market, as well as a certain market size and influence;
the company should have stable it products and technical support and product maintenance capabilities;
for the application for real-time market data, the market data release system must have the effective control of each end user as well as perfect client management functions.
ii. material submission
the company should provide the introduction to company background, operating conditions, major business and products as well as the business plan of applying for shanghai futures exchange market data, information dissemination method and range;
the company should provide the business license, the copy of the latest annual financial report;
if the company has obtained the qualifications of market data vendor authorization from other exchanges, it should submit the relevant supporting documents;
the applicant shall fill out the shanghai futures exchange market data vendor application form.
iii. review
shfe will review the received application materials, and timely feed back the review comment to the applicant. if the materials pass the review, the two parties will enter into the link of contract signing.
iv. signing
after the application materials pass the review, the receiving party will send the shanghai futures exchange information operation licensing contract to the applicant. the two parties will conduct the contract negotiations, and complete the contract signing as required after confirming the contract content;
v. line application requirements (when data reception needs special line method)
if an applicant applies for two lines of different operators respectively connected to futures building data center and zhangjiang data center or beijing data center (currently, beijing data center can only provide china telecom access), the applicant shall have the third line directly connected to cffex, dce or zce and can access the three data centers of the exchange through the line. if the applicant has no special lines accessing other exchanges, the applicant's second line should access the beijing data center of the exchange. for specific access procedures and technology requirements, please visit the following website:
vi. opening
before opening the use of the special line, the applicant shall complete the direct line test, interface adaptability and other tests, and fill in the relevant forms provided by the exchange, submit the forms with official seal to the information technology center for the distribution of the user login account.
the exchange will provide the authorized information provider with the communication technology specifications of receiving market data, data format instruction and other market data receiving technical documentation for the use of software development.
after the contract become effective, the exchange will list the name of the authorized company in the exchange’s website, and issue a shanghai futures exchange market data vendor certificate to the company. meanwhile, the exchange will annually publish market data service provider list notice on the designated media, for the promotion of information service providers' end products.
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