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with the deepening of china's reform and opening-up as well as the gradual improvement of market economy, the status of capital markets in the entire national economy is becoming increasingly important. “some opinions of the state council on promoting the reform, opening-up and steady growth of capital markets” expressly points out that “to steadily develop futures market and gradually launch the commodity futures that provide functions of price discovery and hedging for commodity producers and consumers on the premise of strict risk control”. all this offers valuable historic opportunity for the development of china's futures market.

after a dozen years’ development, the operation mechanism of shanghai futures exchange (shfe) has become increasingly matured. the economic function and international influence of its futures markets has been greatly enhanced. at present, the shfe endeavors to achieve the goal of being an international, comprehensive, first-class future exchange characterizing standardized, efficient, transparent service that mainly engaged in industry-based products covering metal, energy, chemical and other related derivatives. as talent issue is one of the most important safeguards to achieve this goal, upon approval by the ministry of personnel, the shfe established a post-doctoral scientific research workstation, or post-doctoral fellowship program, in december 2001.

in recent years, the workstation, on the strength of the favorable conditions of the finance, economy, trade and information center of shanghai, has constantly improved its management mechanism, incentive mechanism and research conditions with its focus on the basic, practical and forward-looking significant issues on the development of china's futures market. its achievements and positive contributions to the shfe are recognized by the national and shanghai post-doctoral work management department, and successively obtained the honors of the "2001-2003 shanghai labor model unit”, the "shanghai outstanding post-doctoral scientific research workstation” and the "2010 outstanding post-doctoral scientific research workstation in pudong new area".

currently, postdoctors’ research fields have penetrated into all aspects of business transactions of the exchange, including medium-and-long-term development strategies, research and development of new products, the deepening of the risk management system, macroeconomic and industry analysis, study of economic function of futures markets and construction of financial engineering laboratory. by july 2011, the workstation hired 38 postdoctors in total, completed a project of the national natural science foundation in addition to many scientific research projects, obtained 11 national-level special fund research projects, 5 shanghai key fund research projects, 1 shanghai talent development fund research project, 35 special fund research projects in pudong new area, and published over 100 articles in domestic newspapers and magazines. the post-doctoral workstation has played a positive role in promoting sustainable development of the exchanges, improving risk management capacity, enhancing core competitiveness and promoting the development of new products.

as talents are the backbone of enterprises, the workstation always puts much emphasis on postdoctoral training and employment in high-level talent team construction, persisting in innovation out of reform, development out of innovation, expanding work areas and innovating work mechanisms continuously. according to the work plan of the exchange, the work concerning postdoctors should be focused on “three innovations":

firstly, to create new training methods of postdoctors, that is, training programs and expert groups tailed to each postdoctor’s needs, introduce experts in practical work while continuing to introduce domestic and foreign academic authorities, enrich postdoctoral experts groups, so as to improve postdoctors’ ability of dealing with practical problems.

secondly, to innovate postdoctors’ research methods, that is, closely connect postdoctors’ research with the work of the exchange together by identifying some much-needed market research projects to take full advantage of the postdoctoral theoretical edges, with theoretical research promoting practical work, and in return practical work propelling theoretical research, thus achieving coordinated development and common progress of theory and practice.

thirdly, to innovate incentive mechanism for postdoctors, that is, constantly explore incentives for highly educated and high-quality personnel to further stimulate subjectivity and consciousness of postdoctors’ self-dependent innovation, and increase reward intensity to guide and encourage postdoctors’ making more results in a faster way and help postdoctors to become the main force of enhancing core competitiveness in the futures industry. meanwhile, the workstation is also actively engaging postdoctors in participating in various social practice and scientific cooperation, including exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign universities, financial institutions, scientific organizations, production and research combined postgraduate training programs as well as post-doctoral salons in pudong new area, shanghai.

the post-doctoral scientific research workstation relies on support from all parties. we’d like to express our sincere respect and gratitude to all levels of government, superior departments and their leaders, relevant companies and officials, postdoctoral guiding experts and industry colleagues, as well as those who give full support to the work of the exchange’s post-doctoral scientific research workstation.

about shfe