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with the ultimate goal of serving the real economy, shanghai futures exchange (“shfe”) is under the uniform regulation of china securities regulatory commission (“csrc”) and organizes the futures trading approved by csrc in accordance with the principles of openness, impartiality, fairness and integrity.

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the members assembly is the supreme decision-making entity of the exchange and constituted of all the exchange members. the board is the standing presence of the members assembly, and governs ten specialized committees including compliance committee...

the five-year period from 2018 to 2022 will be a crucial period for china's two centenary goals to converge, and will also matter significantly for china to apply new philosophies of development to modernize the national economy. china's futures market...



approved by the china securities regulatory commission (“the csrc”), the shanghai international energy exchange co., ltd., or ine, is an international exchange that is jointly initiated and established by relevant entities including the shanghai futures exchange, and open to global futures participants. as a self-regulated entity, ine discharges its duties pursuant to the company law, the regulations on the administration of futures trading and relevant rules and regulations prescribed by the csrc.

registered in the china (shanghai) pilot free trade zone on november 6th, 2013, ine operates the listing, clearing, settlement and delivery of futures, options and other derivatives, formulates business rules, implements self-regulation, publishes market information, and provides technology, venue and facility services.

based on the principles of “openness, fairness and impartiality”, ine is devoted to establishing a global trading platform for energy derivatives that is “internationalized, market-oriented, rules by law and professionalized” to objectively reflect the energy supply-demand conditions, provide a tool in price discovery, risk management and asset management for energy producers, distributors, consumers and investors, so as to facilitate the optimal allocation of energy resources and promote the economic development. 

about shanghai futures information technology co., ltd.

established in 2004, shanghai futures information technology co., ltd. (sfit)is a wholly-owned subsidiary of shanghai futures exchange (shfe), focusing its operation on facilitating shfe’s goal of building a world-leading exchange. it also aims to serve shfe’s long-term strategies and short-term objectives by boosting its futures-related technology capacity and innovative growth. it provides shfe, its members, and core institutions of the futures industry with a wide array of technical services, ranging from system & software development, technical planning, and facility construction, to network security, and information security.

while making remarkable progress towards its business goals, sfit has also made substantial efforts to adopt and use new technologies. it sets out to foster a corporate culture that creates win-win results for both the company and its employees, providing its staff with exciting career opportunities, an enabling work environment, and attractive compensation and benefit packages.

about shfe business services co., ltd.

founded in 1999, shfe business services co., ltd. (shfes) is one of the specialized subsidiaries of shfe.

shfes offers premium property management services and office rental services to venues including shanghai futures tower and shfe zhangjiang center, and is entrusted to provide infrastructure maintenance services for clients’ data centers. the company also provides shfe group with a wide range of services, including conference organization, branding, centralized procurement, comprehensive administration, and other entrusted services. over the recent years, in response to shfe group’s requirement for centralized management, shfes has proactively sought business transformation and kept expanding its business scope while standardizing and improving its comprehensive service management systems. today, it has grown into a first-rate company capable of delivering all-inclusive logistic support.


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about shanghai institute of futures and derivatives co., ltd. (shifd)

founded in 2012 upon the approval by the china securities regulatory commission (csrc), shanghai institute of futures and derivatives co., ltd. (shifd) is a fully-owned subsidiary of the shanghai futures exchange (shfe). shifd functions as shfe’s think tank. it offers a wide range of services for the exchange, such as the formulation, execution and management of strategic plans, innovation, transformation and growth, the r&d of futures and derivatives, reviewing industry trends, market training and promotion, hosting the shanghai derivatives market forum, and the management of post-doctoral candidates. to date, shifd has created a variety of brands, including the shfe school, research reference, research news, and the journal of futures and financial derivatives and other publications.

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shfe post-doctoral program

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with the deepening of china's reform and opening-up as well as the gradual improvement of market economy, the status of capital markets in the entire national economy is becoming increasingly important...

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